Middle East Procuretech Summit 2024

Event Overview

Embracing Digital Future of Procurement |

The growth of the procurement tech industry is on an uphill trajectory combined with the adoption of technology and supply chains. According to the latest market report, the Global Procurement Software Market was valued at 4.7 billion USD in 2021, expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 10.17% to reach 10.2 billion USD by 2027. The market growth factors are the increasing need for procurement process automation and the rapid adoption of e-procurement technology. The rapid strides with which digital technology is being adopted by businesses are transforming the way businesses operate. From finance to procurement to marketing, digital technology empowers teams with better control over operations.

Taking a view of this euphoria that looks at modifying the paradigm of the industry, we bring to you The Middle East Procuretech Summit 2023. This forum aims at providing a platform for the regional procurement fraternity to gather and discuss the new era of Digital Procurement with topics such as Cloud procurement, E-Procurement Solutions, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and many such industry-specific discussions. This is an invaluable two-day opportunity to network with industry leaders and discuss all of the latest technological advances in procurement imperative in driving your business forward.

Industries Covered

Consumer Goods
Food and Beverage
Retail & E-Commerce
Oil, Gas, and Mining
Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals
Industrial Manufacturing
Automotive and many more

Topic Highlights

Why should you attend

This Summit will focus on the emerging trends in digital transformation of the procurement function to create short-term benefits and enable long-term value in the supply chain. Delegates will learn from real-life case studies, business insights and lessons learned from leaders to discover the best strategies, tools & methods for tapping into the potential of tech-driven procurement in the enterprise.

If you are ready to innovate and join the ranks of the industry thought leaders while resonating with the following reasons compelling enough to attend, then register today:

Why Sponsor

MIDDLE EAST PROCURETECH SUMMIT 2023 presents the perfect opportunity for solution providers to engage with key decision makers such as CPOs, CIOs, Heads of Digital Transformation, Heads of Supply Chain etc from diverse industries such as Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Retail & E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Construction, Oil, Gas, and Mining, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals etc to differentiate their solution offerings and put forward their value proposition in this crowded marketplace. Some of the key reasons why you should sponsor:

• Demonstrate Thought Leadership:

Position your company as a thought leader by delivering a standalone presentation or moderating a panel discussion to a pre-qualified audience comprising decision-makers.

• Network & Generate Leads:

Optimize your networking opportunities by getting right in front of key prequalified decision makers based on seniority, budget availability, and motivation to learn about the latest technologies.

• Brand Positioning:

Establish, strengthen and re-position your brand in front of business owners & technology leaders who are looking to re-align and strengthen their digital transformation strategies.

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