Middle East Procuretech Summit 2024

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Intelligent CIO

Intelligent CIO is a technology intelligence platform aimed at the enterprise IT sector to provide targeted updates and research-driven data. As part of Lynchpin Media, this platform gives complete and unparalleled advice to the regional technology community.

CIOs are increasingly required to demonstrate the business value of their projects and embrace the strategic benefits their businesses are striving to achieve. Against this backdrop, there is also a growing need for IT plans to include strong business justifications alongside the well-worn IT metrics that typically examine application delivery in isolation.

Intelligent CIO strives to bridge this gap between the traditional role of the CIO and the new-age demands weighing in on this pivotal business role. Spreading our resources across print, digital and events, Intelligent CIO endeavours to guide CIOs of MENA, APAC, North America and LatAm with thought leadership, industry expertise, knowledge sharing and practical platforms.