Middle East Procuretech Summit 2024

Support Partner

Supply Chain & Logistics Group (SCLG)

Headquartered in Dubai (UAE), Supply Chain & Logistics Group (SCLG) is a membership-driven industry business group engaged in advancing the supply chain & logistics industry locally, regionally, and globally. SCLG currently has a membership base of 200+ corporate organizations and is growing.

SCLG is a purpose-based organization delivering values through bringing policy-centric discussion, connection, communication, collaboration, creation, motivation, empowerment, and encouragement to individuals, organizations  industries, and the economy. SCLG engages in supporting and conducting industry-centric conferences, roundtables, educational awareness, and site visits and supports publications and coordination of magazines and research notes aimed at the growth and innovation of organizations.
Founded in Dubai, the smart and green city of innovation, SCLG is expanding globally by launching and supporting the development of international chapters. These international chapters are formed and grown by international advisors.
SCLG is continuously striving to encourage the adoption of best practices for innovation, visibility, sustainability, technology adoption, and social accountability through its various roundtables, forums, technical workshops, training, and conferences.